Mr Kombucha beverages

Kombucha with it’s 2000 year Asian origins, is an effervescent, fermented tea that is celebrated worldwide for its revitalizing, detoxifying and general well-being elements. Nicknamed the ‘elixir of life’!

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DrinkScene are proud to partner with local artistic talent to re-launch the Popart Drinks Series. The new series will become available in February 2016 with great flavours including 'Lemon Lime and Bitters', 'Cloudy Lemonade' and 'Ginger Beer'.

The labels were designed with original graffitis by artist Giles Fryer from Silver Lines.

Here are the labels and an explanation from the artist about each artwork.

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Simple Juice

At Simple, We're serious about natural ingredients, no added sugar, and minimising our harm to the environment.

At harvest time we pick the finest fruit brimming with flavour, and we press or puree it, never using concentrate.

1% of our revenue goes to organisations helping to protect the environment.


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